The Charge

A Caring Community

“One of my goals as president is to cultivate a caring community focused on MIT’s shared values of excellence, meritocracy, openness, integrity and mutual respect. I also want to help the entire MIT community to draw strength and energy from our extraordinary diversity of experiences and backgrounds.” — MIT President Rafael Reif, Letter to the MIT Community, April 1, 2013

The Charge

“The Institute community and equity officer (ICEO) will develop and lead a strategic planning process in consultation with, and reflecting the needs of, the entire MIT community: faculty, students, postdocs, and staff. The outcome of that effort should include development of an ICEO mission statement reflecting two objectives: deepening the sense of inclusion based on MIT’s shared values, and helping all members of the MIT community to appreciate and leverage its diversity of experiences and backgrounds. The plan will also articulate a set of achievable goals and the means for assessing progress toward these goals.”
— MIT Provost Chris Kaiser

The Mission

The ICEO mission is to advance a respectful and caring community that embraces diversity and empowers everyone to learn and do their best at MIT. More at