2/13/2015  Our judgments are shaped by biases: Keynote speaker Renée Richardson Gosline shares insights on preconceptions at Institute Diversity Summit. (MIT News Office)

“Our judgments are shaped by biases,” Gosline said — and those preconceptions can be remarkably persistent even when they are clearly and demonstrably false. The persistence of these biases makes it difficult to achieve a more fair and inclusive workplace and society, she said, even for well-meaning people who are sincerely trying to do so. More

2/12/2015  Report outlines path to greater campus inclusiveness: Institute Community and Equity Officer releases report aimed at fostering culture of respect and caring. (MIT News Office)

Today — after interviewing hundreds of faculty, staff, students, postdocs, and alumni, as well as conducting extensive research on practices both at MIT and at its peer institutions — Bertschinger has released a 132-page report that includes a wide array of recommendations for ways to increase the sense of collegiality and inclusion among the roughly 26,000 active members of the Institute community. More

2/12/2015  Letter from Provost Martin A. Schmidt

The report offers an encouraging view of many aspects of our life as community, while also detailing areas for further attention. A number of the ideas in the report would involve the whole community and require serious commitments of time and resources; as we consider the full suite of recommendations, we are eager for your insights and reactions. More

2/05/2015  MLK Luncheon speakers call for more action (MIT News Office)

Annual gathering reflects frustration over racial profiling, calls for more involvement by MIT community. More

12/11/2014  MIT community engages in dialogue on race (MIT News Office)

Members of the MIT community stood outside in a silent protest as a cold drizzle fell, many of them clad in black T-shirts displaying the words “#Black Lives Matter.” A few hours later, some 400 members of the MIT community — including about 100 who overflowed Wong Auditorium — participated in a dialogue on race at MIT that featured a panel discussion, as well as smaller group sessions. More

6/20/2013  Edmund Bertschinger appointed as Institute Community and Equity Officer (MIT News Office)

Edmund Bertschinger, a physicist who has led both his department and the Institute to foster a culture of inclusion, will become MIT’s Institute Community and Equity Officer (ICEO). The new position will focus on matters of community, equity, inclusion and diversity on campus. More